Go Iowa – Beat State // Friday Fun-Day

Tomorrow history will be made once again.

It’s one of the few days each year that Kyle and I don’t really talk to each other … Iowa vs. Iowa State … the Cy-Hawk Showdown …

10 years ago I was a rowdy Sophomore at the University of Iowa …

The back story:

The girl to my left … or right, depending on how you look at it … is a dear friend – Ashly Brown.

We knew each other through 4-H and she happened to be an Iowa State cheerleader, but got the game off that weekend.

The day started brilliantly as I recall … but this was to be the first night game at Iowa and we started tailgating a wee bit too early for that …

I may or may not have consumed a few too many beverages for my own good.

At halftime my crush and Idol at the time, Brad Banks, had led our Hawkeyes to a domineering lead …

but then everything started to crumble and Seneca Wallace somehow stormed a comeback and the Clones defeated us 36-31.


Fortunately I do not hold grudges and Ashly and I remained friends.


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