Love Yourself // Valentines Day Beauty & Boudoir

“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.” 
― Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn is right.  You are a star, you deserve to twinkle.

When was the last time you really pampered yourself?  Allowed yourself to feel beautiful and sexy inside and out?

This Valentine’s Day, give a gift to yourself and that special loved one in your life.

Announcing Courtney Cook Photography’s Modern Beauty & Boudoir Marathon:





45 minute session.

2 outfits (not included)

Hair and Makeup provided before session.

Rustic loft location with hardwood floors and exposed brick, large windows and unique stairwells.

5 fully edited hi-res files for your downloading and printing pleasure.

Little Black Books, Calendars, Canvas, and more available.



Q:  This is a little short notice and I am not available next weekend, will you be hosting another Marathon?

A:  I cannot guarantee when the next marathon will be, but you can purchase a voucher for your own private shoot to be schedule within 6 months of purchase.


Q:  I’m in my 40s, can I still pull something like this off?

A: Absolutely – aging is beautiful!  If you don’t want to bear it all, a modern beauty session can be just as rewarding!


Q:  What is a modern beauty session, is that like Glamour Shots?

A: A modern beauty shot is just as it says, capturing your beauty in a fresh, modern way.  I don’t do feather boas, and no mirrored tables.


Q: I have 10 pounds I’d like to lose first, I don’t think this is a good time.

A:  Honestly, 10 pounds really won’t be reflected in the pictures.  Flattering poses can actually “drop” more weight than you can imagine, though.


Q:  Will you photoshop away my wrinkles and zits?

A:  I will remove any trouble spots that would generally be gone within two weeks, but I can also remove a few extra lines or bulges here and there.

I will not, however, make your face look like melting plastic, though.


I actually had two boudoir shots of my own this past year as a gift to myself and for Kyle’s 30th birthday.  I can honestly tell you that I have never felt more beautiful and sexy in my life.

It felt SO amazing to be pampered and told that I was gorgeous.  ( … and he LOVED his “Little Black Book”)  If you’d like, we can have a glass of wine or two as we shoot.  =>

Not sure what to wear?  I have put together a Pinterest Board just for you!


For any other questions, and to reserve your spot, contact Courtney today!

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